We've helped 20,000 Newcastle students
achieve school and life success since 1977

ARRENDELL Education is the leading after school tuition centre for the Hunter Region since 1977.

Gwenda Sanderson and her staff have inspired, tutored and mentored thousands of primary and secondary Newcastle students, paving their way for future success.
ARRENDELL Education provides extension courses for high achieving students who are keen to further develop their skills in English and Mathematics, as well as tuition for students who are experiencing difficulty or lacking confidence.

The Centre also specialises in preparing students for the selective school, scholarship and OC exams.

Of special note, ARRENDELL Education has one of the largest private collections of children’s library books for student access. A key theme and reason for student success over the years is the focus on reading skills and the inspiration that arises from reading and the familiarization with a wide spectrum of children’s authors.

Our Services:

  • English – reading, story writing, report writing,grammar and comprehension
  • Mathematics
  • Individual and small groups, Kindergarten to Year 12
  • Extension and remedial programs
  • Classes for selective school, scholarship preparation and OC entry
  • Essay writing and study skills
  • School-based curriculum
  • Internationally recognised literacy teachers
  • Largest private children’s library in the Hunter
  • Affordable tuition

How will your child benefit?

  • Increased confidence and personal commitment to success,
  • Strategies for learning in all content areas,
  • Achievement of their potential at school,
  • Positive and enthusiastic attitudes to learning, and
  • Skills that will have lifelong benefits.

Your child will have successful learning experiences, in a relaxed and caring environment, and this will flow through to their work at school.

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